My name is John Tavern, and I hope finding this site is a major step for you on the road to beating anxiety forever. Anxiety is a rough thing to deal with. I have had it all of my life. When I finally got serious about dealing with it, I was able to get rid of it. And so can you! Trust me, you owe it to yourself and everyone in your life to stop your anxiety once and for all.

I did a lot of research on anxiety, both before and after I discovered the answer to getting rid of it. First I just wanted to get rid of it. But after I did, I wanted to understand it better and (hopefully) be able to explain it to others.

Anxiety comes in a few different forms. The first and most common type is suffered by literally millions of people in the United States. It stems from a combination of things in our environment that are new and different in the last 100 years or so. Our grandparents and great-grandparents had noticeably fewer incidents of anxiety and panic attacks. This is because they tended to (1) eat a different diet, (2) were more physically active, but most importantly (3) didn't deal with stress the way we do today.

Anxiety and panic are pretty hard to miss, but how do you know if you actually have them? Most likely you have some of these common symptoms, and they probably come and go very quickly, starting due to some "trigger," and ending when you are occupied with something you enjoy or return to some comfort zone. The following list was compiled by David Salsada, although your symptoms will tend to actually be the things that when you experience them scare you most!

Common symptoms:
  • Chest pain and heart palpations
  • Racing heart rate
  • Feels like you have a lump in your throat
  • It gets harder and harder to swallow
  • Feeling sick
  • Sweating more than usual
  • Constantly fearing death
  • Being short of breath
  • Headaches (sometimes migraines)
  • Constantly feeling "on the edge"

I mentioned anxiety comes in different forms. This is important--if you are one of the people with a family history of anxiety, what helped me will NOT help you. People with a family history of anxiety often suffer from a minor chemical imbalance that causes too much serotonin to be absorbed in the brain. It is nothing to worry about, but if you have a parent or sibling that suffers from anxiety or panic attacks, I recommend you visit your doctor and ask about a class of drugs called SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors). These drugs come in some new forms that are extremely safe and effective, and have few side effects.

Assuming, though, like most of us, you suffer from anxiety or panic that is not completely debilitating, what you need to do more than anything is (1) understand the causes of anxiety, and (2) address them. This is how to beat anxiety.

Where I Was

I was in a pretty bad place before I got help. I was constantly preoccupied with things that I thought were wrong with me, I was nervous about little things that I took as symptoms of larger problems, and I was petrified about being in certain social situations (and nervous in almost all of them).

For a while I was obsessed with the fear that I would have to use the restroom and I would not be able to get to one. One year, after throwing up one night, I became obsessed with that--I spent months afterwords nervous if my stomach was upset that I was going to throw up again. Somewhere along the line I started having shooting pains in my right foot. I became convinced that I had diabetes.

Socially, I would worry about everything I did at parties or other social gatherings. If I wasn't saying much, I was worried that people would think I was too quiet. If I started talking, I was over-analyzing everything I said, the tone of my voice, and on and on. I always thought I had said something that someone else had taken offense at. I would ask my friends later for days if they thought an off-handed comment I made had hurt someone's feelings.

Most of my life, driving was not a problem for me, but once I was driving on the freeway in the winter and lost control of my car for a second. I did not spin or anything, just fish-tailed for a few seconds. After that, I was very afraid of going on the highway. I would always find a way to get places that I could avoid the highway altogether.

There were stretches of time in my life that I was so self conscious about the way I looked that I would avoid leaving the house for anything but what I absolutely needed to do. And if I ever mentioned this to anyone in my family, they always told me that was completely crazy. In retrospect, I know that it was, but I had no perspective at that point.

This was all bad for me of course, but it also had a negative impact on my family and friends. People use to have to make excuses for me why I wasn't coming to parties and social functions. I lost contact with a lot of people that I had known. Some days I would do things specifically to avoid contact with people, like going in to work early, leaving late, taking my lunch in and eating at my desk rather than going to the cafeteria.

Then I Got Help

Beating anxiety is all about knowing the right tools, and applying them every day. When I finally got serious about beating it, I started doing research on the internet, and that is where I found Panic Miracle. The first thing that impressed me was that the web site described exactly what I was experiencing. That gave me a lot of confidence that it would work for me. After I bought Panic Miracle , I read it and applied the instructions in it faithfully. I can't tell you that my anxiety was fixed overnight, but I can tell you that I felt better immediately--you realize suddenly that you are not the only person with this problem, and the roadmap to fix it is in your hands. And it wasn't long--maybe a week--before the worst symptoms were under control. I never thought that would happen! As you go through the process, realize that the most important part about beating anxiety is that you are training your brain. Your brain actually starts to "reprogram" itself to deal with the stress in your life differently. The longer and better you apply the instructions in Panic Miracle , the better you will feel. It is just that simple. I am now living anxiety free. Even after the laundry list of things above that were bothering me, I have conquered ALL of them, thanks to this book. Trust me, if I can be where I was and get better, you can conquer your anxiety and panic too.

One of the great changes I've noticed is something I have talked about with others who have suffered anxiety--something I refer to as continuity. Before getting help, I could never string together more than a few "good days." I would start a new activity or continue with an old one and before long, I would find myself losing interest, focus, or developing a bad association with it. Definitely one of the best things that has changed is a real sense of continuity in everything I am doing--that things will be the same tomorrow as they are today, that I can keep making progress, that I will get a chance to keep building on whatever I have done today and all the days before. Whether I was paralyzed with fear or distracted with concerns, I did not have this sense that I could keep going tomorrow with fear that something was going to come along and change everything. I hope you get the same relief and satisfaction from getting over your chronic fear!

I have gotten a lot of email from people asking the question you may be asking yourself--do I want to invest time and money if I don't know if Panic Miracle will work for me? Well, the makers of Panic Miracle offer a 60-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. I have actually gotten notes from a few people who said they tried Panic Miracle and returned it, and it was exactly as painless as the guarantee suggests. Now, I doubt if you have anxiety or panic attacks you will want to return it--too many people praise the methods and attest to having been helped. But I know that it makes people feel much more comfortable knowing that if it isn't the thing for them, they can return it, just like any other product that they try and are not satisfied with.

Here is a great offer: the makers of Panic Miracle have recently published a small part of their product as a free trial to help people evaluate if this is the right thing for them. Click here to look at Panic Miracle before you buy. Several of you have commented on how helpful it is to see the product, and I totally agree.

I strongly recommend Panic Miracle. It changed my entire life. If you feel at all like I have described, get it right away, and see what a huge difference it can make in you life!

I Wish You The Best Of Luck!

John Tavern